Viable was formed in 2003, with the idea that a company could provide products and services that were both cost effective to the customer and at the same time promoting the long term success of our employees and company. After having worked for several financially successful companies where employees always seemed to be treated like a necessary evil, Viable strives for a balance between the company’s short term success and our employee’s (and their families’) long term success. Viable has focused it’s efforts on in-building wireless projects but works on many specialized design/build projects depending on customers needs. The fact that Viable is getting stronger even in the face of tough economic times shows that putting employees and their families first, ahead of profit, is not only the right thing, but can make for a successful, growing company.


Our Technical Training

To ensure proper operation, Viable Technologies goes to great lengths to make sure our clients are fully trained on the operation and maintenance of their Distributed Antenna System. With “hands-on” field training, our project managers and technicians demonstrate the configurations of the equipment and discuss proper actions in the case of a system alarm. Because the systems we design are relatively easy to use, this training will enable your in-house technician to maintain the DAS and adjust it for environmental changes that effect the wireless coverage. Contact us for answers to any questions you may have.

Our Experience

We’re proud of the fact that nearly all of the organizations that helped us start Viable Technologies in 2003 are still loyal customers today. To see how we may be able to help you, check out our experience developing communications solutions for past clients in the following industries: