Wireless and Data Services

At Viable, we provide all the professional services you need to meet your wireless and data communications needs. By relying on extensive ‘real-world’ experience, our wireless engineers and technicians can develop a complete wireless implementation strategy that guarantees you the best solution for your in-building wireless coverage. Through precise planning, we implement projects quickly and carefully to ensure the work is completed correctly the first time. We not only monitor system capabilities throughout the project, we validate our work and guarantee results.

Taking your budget requirements and communication demands into account, we deliver the best solution to meet your immediate goals without sacrificing the ability for future growth. With every project, we provide:

  • Experienced Project Management and Quick Problem resolution
  • Cost-effective solutions designed for a profitable ROI
  • Experience with high profile low impact installations
  • Flexibility in dealing with real time project issues that arise
  • Technical training – To ensure proper operation, Viable Technologies goes to great lengths to make sure our clients are fully trained on the operation and maintenance of their Distributed Antenna System. With “hands-on” field training, our project managers and technicians demonstrate the configurations of the equipment and discuss proper actions in the case of a system alarm. Because the systems we design are relatively easy to use, this training will enable your in-house technician to maintain the DAS and adjust it for environmental changes that effect the wireless coverage.



Additional Services offered:

  • All forms of structured cabling including fiber optics and fusion splicing.
  • Equipment selection and ordering.
  • RF signal testing and interference problem resolution.
  • Existing system troubleshooting.
  • Wireless Music System – In addition to Wireless Communications Services, we also offer a number of Wireless Products, including the Sonos Wireless Music System for your home, building, or commercial complex. To learn more about Sonos, and how Viable Technologies can bring beautiful music to every room WIRELESSLY, click here.



All kinds of organizations, similar to yours, are beginning to use wireless technologies to increase productivity and improve communications. Improving seamless indoor coverage with Distribution Antenna Systems (DAS) provides better reception for cell phones, Blackberry devices, pagers, Wi-Fi laptops and two-way radios. By providing these services, you will help your employees, customers and visitors to communicate where it is needed most – indoors. To see how we may be able to help you, check out our experience developing communications solutions for past clients in the following industries:

Our design and installation process typically follows these steps:

  1. Site Survey – A site survey is performed prior to the final design. The goal of the survey is to determine signal propagation within the building, determine donor signal locations and to identify equipment space and cable routes. Proper planning at this stage will reduce problems while allowing desired coverage goals to be met. Signal transmitters and spectrum analyzer testing can also be recommended in certain circumstances . Signal loss is not uniform and dependent on building design, construction and distance from serving site. Using proper design procedures and methods assures the system is not over designed but meets customer requirements which saves money.
  2. System Design – The building design with available equipment space locations during the site survey is the basis for system design. Each wall type within a building affects signal propagation differently therefore each wall type must be identified in the propagation model and assigned attenuation values obtained from the spectrum analyzer testing. This allows for optimum transmitter location and minimizes required capital. The system design determines which OEM DAS solution is correct for the building.
  3. Approval – Approval should be requested, and is required in advance, to the wireless carrier before installing an in-building system. Information required includes:
    • Location of the proposed system
    • Other carriers on the system
    • DAS System design description
    • Bill Of Materials to be used


    FCC state guidelines:

    FCC – Sec. 22.383 In-building radiation systems. Licensees may install and operate in-building radiation systems without applying for authorization or notifying the FCC, provided that the locations of the in-building radiation systems are within the protected service area of licensee’s authorized transmitter(s) on the same channel or channel block.

  4. Construction – Once the proposed design is approved for installation by the building manager or representative, a pre-construction site visit will be scheduled. During this visit, equipment locations and cable routes are verified, and final approval received. If any of the locations proposed in the design are not acceptable to the building manager, the design is modified to allow for these changes. Once final approval is obtained, the actual installation of equipment begins. Construction begins with the installation of cabling, typically either fiber-optic or coaxial. Cabling is routed from the main equipment room throughout the building to all the antenna locations. A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is used to minimize the amount of new cable required. Cable is run in existing cable trays or utility chases where available. The main equipment room typically needs dedicated electrical services to handle both the DAS equipment and the carrier equipment. The remote units and the antenna use minimal power and usually only involve 110v power that can supplied via the low voltage cabling.
  5. Completion – at the completion of installation, site commissioning and testing will be conducted, and a written report submitted that verifies appropriate RF coverage required to meet project goals.